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Water, Fire & Mold
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Smoke and Fire Restoration Services

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Safeway Restoration specializes in the removal, deodorization and cleaning of soot and smoke affected property losses affected by fire damage. Our comprehensive fire & smoke restoration solutions are tailored to address each specific type of fire damage.

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Assess Fire Damage

Our certified technicians will thoroughly inspect and assess the fire and smoke affected areas to ensure that a proper restoration strategy is executed. Issues of structural vs non-structural fire damaged materials are carefully examined. A clear and precise plan is then communicated with our client to ensure that expectations and needs are met.

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Emergency Board-up

Fire damaged properties are also vulnerable to secondary damage as a result of unwanted intruders and damages caused by vandalism. Safeway Restoration will immediately secure soft entry points left open such as damaged exterior doors and windows to ensure that further damage or possible theft of property is avoided. It is also important to temporarily seal and protect openings on exterior walls or roof systems in order to prevent possible water intrusion.

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Fire Damage Removal

Safeway Restoration may rely on recommendations from experts and consultants regarding fire damaged structural members. Our specialist will then proceed with effectively removing the source of the fire and cause of odors. All non-salvageable materials will be properly removed and disposed. Items that can be restored will be cleaned and deodorized.

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Cleaning & Deodorization

Our trained techs clean, sanitize and remove smoke & soot from affected areas such as floors, walls and ceilings. Specialized thermal fogging and ozone treatment equipment is used to ensure that soot and smoke is effectively removed to avoid any harmful exposure to toxic gases and odors. Materials will then be sealed and ready to be restored.

Soot & Smoke Cleaning and Removal Services

Fire Damage Emergency - Call Safeway Restoration at 1-800-383-1637

Our fire damage restoration services include: Fire Damage Assessments, Emergency Board- ups, Personal Property inventory, Pack out & Pack-back, Smoke & Soot cleaning and removal, Deodorization.

Fire Damage

Fire & Smoke Damage

Fire, smoke and soot damage is often the largest issue that requires professional restoration. Safeway technician will provide a thorough cleaning of affected materials and/or contents with environmentally friendly products. Call us today for immediate response.



Safeway safely removes, documents and clean the contents from the interior of your affected home or business. We store your contents until your homes restoration is complete and its time to move back.   Our techs will unpack all of your contents and place them precisely where you’re used to having them – Allowing you to simply resume life with no interruption.

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Contents Cleaning

Our expert technicians are well versed with state of the art ozone cleaning processes.  Safeway is able to thoroughly clean, deodorize, and restore your homes interior contents bringing your old life back. Unfortunately, not all items can benefit from our contents cleaning process but most garments, electronics and home goods do return to their pre-loss condition.

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Water Damage

Safeway Restoration is a full service water damage restoration company that offers a wide variety of services necessary to mitigate structural damage and reduce loss of personal property due to Water & flood damage. Our trained and certified team will respond quickly to cleanup damages.

Residential & Commercial Restoration

Safeway Restoration is a full service water, fire and mold damage restoration company that offers a wide variety of services necessary to mitigate structural damage and reduce loss of personal property due to Water & flood damage.

residential water damage


Returning to a safe, clean and restored home is everyone’s concern after a major water loss.  At Safeway Restoration, we pride in making sure your home looks and feels the way it did before the damage occurred. Call us today for an inspection of your damages.

condo water damage

Condo Associations

Property managers depend and trust Safeway Restoration after their buildings are affected from water, smoke, fire, and even a mold. Our professions work with associations and managers to ensure that all damages are properly addressed.

commercial water damage


Safeway Restoration is a full service commercial water extraction, structural drying and restoration company. We provide 24/7 emergency service to commercial and residential property loss mitigation for water damage, fire damage, smoke, or damage caused by natural disaster.

We offer direct insurance billing

We carefully document, log and create the necessary reports that are required to ensure that your insurance claim is properly presented and justified. Insurance companies and their adjusters trust Safeway Restoration to properly restore and protect covered property whether it be damaged due to water, fire or mold.

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Insurance Claims

Safeway Restoration’s professionals are experienced and trained in working on all insurance claim projects. Our team carefully inspects and documents all affected areas and all property that is damaged.

Before filing your insurance claim, make sure you call Safeway Restoration

Our services can be billed to your insurance carrier directly. Safeway Restoration has performed a variety of insurance claim jobs for:

  • Single family homeowner’s insurance claims
  • Condominium unit owner insurance claims
  • Commercial building insurance claims for property managers & Homeowner Associations
  • Business insurance claims for restaurants and retail stores

Insurance companies understand that Safeway Restoration will protect and prevent further damage for their policyholders.

Testimonials - What our clients are saying about our work

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Julie D.

Key Biscayne, FL

“I called Safeway Restoration after we identified a mold problem in our house.  Skip came out on a Saturday of a holiday weekend.  He was completely professional, reasonable and very helpful.  I have worked with remediation companies through work and Safeway Restoration is a cut above.  He checked all the potential problem areas, recommended the low-cost solution of applying an anti-microbial spray ourselves to a couple of minor problem areas and a HEPA air filter for our house…. “

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Will J.

Miami, FL

“Last week my home endured a Category 3 loss. That’s industry jargon for “my floors, walls, and furniture are flooded with floating feces pieces and freaking sewage water!” Despite the fact that my insurance company should have a vested interest to maximize what’s salvaged and mitigating home damages as quickly as possible, they dragged their feet and I was left cluelessly searching for a pro to come in and clean up the mess. Fortunately, I stumbled across Safeway who I called to come dry out my walls, remove damaged sections of walls and fixtures and sanitize. Basically, they made my home safe for my wife, me and my unborn baby to live in again…. “

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Liane W.

Miami, FL

“As a first time homeowner, I’ve never encountered mold. When I saw a black patch “spreading” on my wall, I initially thought – oh, that’s my dog getting her paws all over everything. But out of worry, I sent a picture of it to a couple of my coworkers who had dealt with mold in the past.

Properly alarmed, I started looking for a mold remediation specialist. Called and researched a number of folks before trying Safeway.

My contact with Skip has been awesome. He worked with me to set up a time and day when he could stop by; I texted my info to his phone (which I liked vs having to have someone repeat/repeat what my info is); and he came on time within his 1 hour window. He explained his process:…. “